Wednesday, February 6, 2008

AKG K 701: Love It Or Hate It

AKG's flagship pair stirs some up some mixed, and extreme emotions. There are the die-hard fans and believers, then there are the "That's it? What's the big deal?" hard to please uber-audiophiles. I've personally heard one myself, tube-amplified. Boy, it was nice. Of course, I don't have hundred-thousand $$$ audiophile speakers to compare them with. AKG is a fine company that makes fine cans. AKG's sound screams bright, shiny and detailed. These headphones do just that. Of course, unlike others, I find it hard to express the intricate details of it's sound signature since I don't really own one. Find out for yourself if you know someone (like i do) who has a pair. Better yet, buy one for yourself. It's only $265.99 (cheapest online) @