Wednesday, February 6, 2008

AKG K 701: Love It Or Hate It

AKG's flagship pair stirs some up some mixed, and extreme emotions. There are the die-hard fans and believers, then there are the "That's it? What's the big deal?" hard to please uber-audiophiles. I've personally heard one myself, tube-amplified. Boy, it was nice. Of course, I don't have hundred-thousand $$$ audiophile speakers to compare them with. AKG is a fine company that makes fine cans. AKG's sound screams bright, shiny and detailed. These headphones do just that. Of course, unlike others, I find it hard to express the intricate details of it's sound signature since I don't really own one. Find out for yourself if you know someone (like i do) who has a pair. Better yet, buy one for yourself. It's only $265.99 (cheapest online) @

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Grado SR80: Sound Redefined

Grado's SR80 series headphones are the best headphones money can buy for under $100. Bar none. It may not look as fancy as the other brands (in the same price range) it it does what it needs to - give fidelity to sound. The SR80's sound (for it's price) is as close to "expensive sound" as you can get. After these (upgrade ladder), there is very little to improve in the components. The SR80 has components which can be found in more expensive cans. You can read more reviews of the Grado SR80 here and see for yourself.

Buy Grado SR80 @ for only $95.00